lunes, 17 de julio de 2017


El personal cómic sobre las Leyends Artúricas y demás mitos modernizados encara su tercera y postrer fase con un protagonista que sigue siendo un claro trasunto del autor, ya en su edad madura.

Despite the long intervals between volumes, I feel like MAGE is one of my purest and, well…most magical narratives. I have a fondness for saying that I don’t decide when I’m going to work on MAGE, MAGE decides when it’s going to work on me. And while, sure, that sounds a bit glib…it’s also pretty much true.

I started the first MAGE series, THE HERO DISCOVERED, in my artistic infancy and basically developed and honed my creative skills even as my fledgling hero was discovering his own fantastic powers and purpose. 

 For anyone who doesn’t realize it, MAGE is what I like to describe as an allegorical autobiography, with the character of Kevin Matchstick very obviously standing in as my literary alter-ego. 

All the other characters he encounters and situations he endures are metaphors from my own life…told through the lens of a fantasy adventure. And yeah, it’s taken me a while to work my way through the various stages of my life and how to describe and depict them.

THE HERO DISCOVERED was authored while I was actually experiencing that particular stage of my life. And then progressing maturity meant that I needed a bit of distance in regards to the next stage…I was five years or so past certain life events when I did THE HERO DEFINED. 

 Now, for THE HERO DENIED, I found that I really needed a bit more time to see how other aspects of my life were gonna fully play out before being able to translate them into MAGE.

I know it can be frustrating from a reader’s end of things…but that’s just the way it had to work out. I couldn’t really rush the process and still keep it true to the ideals that made MAGE special in the first place. But, c’mon…hate my fans? 

 I fucking LOVE that my readers have stuck with me for this long. I owe it to them to make sure this final part of the trilogy is both genuine and unexpected.

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